5 Car Problems That Need Immediate Attention

5 Car Problems That Need Immediate AttentionFor some reason people don't like to take care of car trouble as soon as it becomes apparent. While this may be okay if the issue is minor, such as a power window or seat that won't operate properly, most problems need to be addressed immediately to prevent them from getting worse and hindering your vehicle's safety and reliability. The following are five different car issues that require attention as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have them taken care of the more expensive and dangerous these issues can become!

Fluid Leaks

Your car uses a number of specialized fluids in order to operate. If you ever spot something leaking from your car be sure to visit G2 Automotive as soon as possible. The most common types of automotive fluid leaks are oil leaks, coolant leaks, power steering fluid leaks, brake fluid leaks and transmission fluid leaks.

Brake Noise

Your vehicle's brakes are its most important safety feature. If you ever hear grinding or squealing when you try to slow your car head G2 Automotive immediately. This clearly indicates that your car's brake pads have worn thin and need to be replaced.

Check Engine Light

For some reason people fear the check engine light, but really it's a helpful tool that doesn't indicate drastic trouble. Most check engine light issues are relatively minor, but if not addressed in a timely manner they can grow much worse.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise coming from under the hood of your car that rises and falls in repetition with the engine RPMs often indicates tired engine bearings. If this issue is not addressed soon it could result in complete engine failure, as these bearings support the motion of the moving engine parts.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

A car that creates blue exhaust smoke is likely suffering from an internal oil leak that is allowing oil to be burnt up with the gas in the combustion chamber of the engine. A lack of oil inside the motor will result in lubrication issues that can accelerate engine wear and tear.

If you suspect car trouble, call G2 immediately. Putting off repairs will only allow for problems to get worse. For professional auto repair in Cumming, GA, for your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or other fine European automobile head to G2 Automotive. We provide high quality auto repair services using the latest diagnostic and repair technology. We'll quickly pinpoint the trouble, you're experiencing and have you on your way in no time. To schedule superior German auto repair in Cumming give us a call at (678) 771-6434 today.

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