4 Common Mercedes Benz E Class Problems You Need to Know

Even some of the finer things in life have their setbacks. It is no secret that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are a great pleasure to drive and are highly engineered to be comfortable, reliable and powerful. Yet they, like all cars, do have some issues from time to time. There's a small list of common problems that have come to light for Mercedes E Class vehicles in recent years. This series has been a staple in the company's lineup since 1993, so if you're considering purchasing a used one, or currently drive an E Class, look out for these common E Class problems.

The thrust link bushings crack

These bushing are a part of the front suspension system. They are filled with a special oil that helps reduce shaking and vibration while the vehicle is on the road. These bushings have become known to crack open, allowing the oil to leak out, resulting in excessive suspension bouncing which can cause your ride to be rather bumpy and result in excessive tire wear.

They have sticking air pump relays

If your E Class car has an optioned airmatic pump that helps maintain its ride height you should be aware of a relay problem that causes it to stick. This results in the pump motor running constantly. This of course can cause the battery to die, resulting in you not being able to get the car started.

Look out for differential leaks

High mileage E class cars, especially the E350, have been known to develop leaks from the differential cover and seals. Routine scheduled maintenance of the differential will help prevent the need for re-sealing in the future.

Low Brake Pressure

Drivers of vehicles equipped with a sensotronic brake control (SBC) need to pay attention to the SBC warning light on the dash. If it comes on be sure to have the brakes checked out immediately by a professional Mercedes technician. If the SBC system fails there will be only limited brake pressure delivered to the forward brakes. The means an increased amount of distance to slow and stop the vehicle will be necessary.

If you experience any of these issues or are planning on buying a used E Class be sure to take it to an expert mechanic to have the car checked out. For professional Mercedes repair in Cumming, GA, for any model head to G2 Automotive. Our team of certified technicians service all models of Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mini, VW, Land Rover, Lexus and Infiniti vehicles. We use the latest diagnostic and repair equipment to ensure fast and accurate service.Give us a call at (678) 771-6434 to request more info or to schedule superior European auto repair in Cumming today.

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