The Benefits of Charcoal Impregnated Cabin Air Filters

The Benefits of Charcoal Impregnated Cabin Air FiltersNearly all modern cars, trucks and SUVs leave the factory equipped with a cabin air filter. The purpose of this filter, similar to that of an engine air filter, is to remove impurities from the incoming oxygen. While under the hood the air filter helps prevent engine issues and maximize fuel economy, the cabin air filter enhances the driving experience by improving air quality. In fact, if the cabin air filter becomes clogged with outside contaminants the air inside your car can develop a pollutant concentration as much as six times that of outside air.

Cabin air filters should be changed about every 12,000 miles or on an annual basis, depending on your driving habits. Springtime comes with a rise in pollen levels which means now is the perfect time to replace the filter in your car so as to ensure you're breathing healthy air all summer long. To maximize the effectiveness of your cabin air filter you should consider the installation of a charcoal impregnated cabin air filter if your car is not so equipped. A charcoal air filter offers qualities that standard particulate filters do not.

Remove Dust & Pollen

What particulate and charcoal air filters have in common is that they are designed to remove solid contaminants from the air that enters the cabin. This includes trapping pollen, dust and soot before it gets into your vehicle and your lungs.

Eliminate Smells

One of the primary benefits of installing a charcoal impregnated air filter is its ability to reduce and remove smells from incoming air. The charcoal that is used within air filters is treated with heat and chemicals that provide it with excellent odor-control capabilities. The charcoal is able to trap the gases that release odors through a process known as adsorption which holds the gases on the surface of the treated charcoal. This means the smells themselves become trapped in the filter.

Stop Hazardous Gases

Aside from trapping the smells associated with some of the exhaust fumes and soot that may enter your car, especially in high traffic areas, charcoal cabin air filters reduce and eliminate hazardous toxins from vehicular emissions that would otherwise get into your car. This means you and your passengers will breathe cleaner air inside your car with the installation of a charcoal cabin air filter.

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