The Importance of Direct Injection Cleaning Products

Direct fuel injection, the latest advancement in fuel delivery technology, is becoming more and more popular among all automakers. Unlike older fuel injection systems, and the carbureted engines before them, direct injection sprays fuel straight into the combustion chamber, and at a much higher pressure. By bypassing intake ports and the intake valves, the car's computer, the ECU, can better control the amount of fuel entering into the combustion chamber. This ensures a better air/fuel ratio, which results in a cleaner burning and more efficient engine. Direct fuel injection allows for better fuel economy, decreased emissions and higher power output. However, the advanced technology isn't flawless, and one issue it does have is carbon build up inside parts of the engine.

What Causes Carbon Build Up?

In a direct injection system fuel is sprayed straight into the combustion chamber, when it previously had to flow through intake ports and past the intake valves. In older models that flow of the fuel would wash away excessive carbon buildup, but since this flow is nonexistent with direct injection, the carbon buildup caused by combustion is not cleared. This can result in a number of issues for the engine.

What Problems Does Carbon Build Up Cause?

If carbon build up is not the intake valves the engine can suffer from a few drastic problems. Carbon deposits that are stuck around the intake ports can prevent proper air flow. This will reduce fuel economy and power output. If carbon builds up on the head and stem of the intake valves, the valve may be unable to open and close smoothly. If the valve has trouble moving the engine could misfire, or worse, hindered movement will cause major timing issues.

Using Direct Injection Cleaning Products

Since detergents in fuel are no longer cleaning the valves as it rushes past them, it is important to take steps to prevent build up. If carbon deposits are not taken care of, they could get to a point where they would require manual cleaning, an expensive and time consuming process in some cases. Thankfully there are products that can be administered by professional auto repair experts to help prevent and reduce carbon build up. A direct fuel injection cleaner will break down existing deposits which will stop and reverse engine misfiring, rough idling, slow acceleration and prevent the check engine light from turning on. There are numerous types of direct injection cleaners available, so be sure to speak with a professional auto repair technician about which product is best for your car.

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