Common Symptoms of a Engine Trouble

Your car is made up of many different mechanical and computerized systems that work together to make the wheels turn. The engine, however, is the driving force of it all. This complex piece of machinery is what creates the power that move your car and should it experience trouble operating you may soon find yourself stuck on the side of the highway waiting for a tow truck. To avoid that be sure to pay attention to any signs of engine trouble, which include the following common issues. If you experience any of these be sure to get to a reputable auto repair shop right away for proper engine diagnostics and repair.

Knocking noises

A knocking noise that sounds as if it is coming from under the hood and rises and falls with the engine's RPMs is often caused by worn engine bearings. These bearings are what support the motion of many of the engine's moving parts. These bearings are subject to general high mileage wear and tear, but they can also fail due to improper lubrication. Any strange noises should be diagnosed by a qualified automotive technician.

Increased exhaust smoke

An increase in the volume of exhaust smoke exiting your vehicle can indicate major engine trouble. Judging by the color of the smoke you can usually get an idea of what is wrong. Blue smoke means the engine is burning oil, resulting in improper lubrication. Black smoke is a sign that too much gasoline is being used, and white smoke often means that coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber, putting the motor at risk of overheating and performance issues.

Decrease in performance/fuel efficiency

A decrease in performance or fuel efficiency can be caused by a number of different issues, so it is important to always have diagnostics ran. Pay attention for rough idling or stalling, as well as a lack of power during acceleration, as these are issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible to keep your car safe and reliable.

Check engine light

The check engine light can represent a plethora of different problems. When this light comes on head to the auto shop right away to avoid having the issue grow worse. Check engine light problems range from small, like failed sensors to big, like a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Having diagnostics and repairs conducted immediately will ensure that the problem doesn't hinder your vehicle anymore than it already has.

Oil leak

An oil leak means that the engine is not properly sealed and is at risk of improper lubrication. A leak will result in increased metal on metal friction inside the motor that will wear out engine parts exceptionally quick, resulting in a need for massive repairs, an engine rebuild or an engine replacement.

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