4 Must Know Land Rover Problems

Land RoverLand Rovers have a reputation for being the ultimate luxury off roading machines. While most probably never see so much as a mud puddle, these British SUVs are designed to traverse some of Earth's most treacherous terrain. That design, however, has had a few flaws over the years. In our newest blog we take a look at three common problems that have plagued the Land Rover Discovery, which has survived as a staple of the company's lineup since 1989. Though each iteration of the vehicle has offered much improvement, even some of the latest models still have persistent issues. If you currently own a Discovery, or are thinking of purchasing a used Land Rover Discovery, be aware of the issues stated below. We follow these problems up by addressing a massive airbag concern with the Range Rover.

Land Rover Discovery Head Gasket Failure

Series I and Series II Land Rover Discovery SUVs, produced 1989 - 1998 and 1988 - 2004, respectively, each suffer from head gasket issues. A failed head gasket can result in oil loss or coolant loss. These leaks can of course result in more disastrous engine trouble if not swiftly and correctly taken care of.

Land Rover Discovery Air Suspension Faults

Many Land Rover owners love the way their new SUV glides over the road thanks to its air suspension. Unfortunately, Land Rover's design for the Series 2, LR3's (2004-2009) and LR4's (2009 - 2016) could have benefited from more testing and engineering. Owners report that after about six years of use, the suspension starts to sag. This often results in having to replace the original air suspension with traditional coils.

Land Rover Discovery Premature Brake Pad Wear

The LR4 Discovery suffers from a unique problem, in which its suspension and weight distribution results in premature brake pad and rotor wear. While many vehicles require brake pad replacement every 50,000 miles, this Discovery may require it as soon as 30,000 miles for safe driving.

Land Rover Range Rover Airbag Recall

This issue is not specific to Land Rover, but it needs to be mentioned. If you own or are considering purchasing a 2007-2012 Range Rover, be aware that these vehicles may be affected by the Takata airbag recall. If a defective airbag goes off in a crash, it can shoot sharp metal fragments at people in the car, causing serious injury or death. Be sure to find out if the vehicle you're interested in purchasing or currently own if you bought used, has had its airbags replaced if necessary.

When it is time for Land Rover repair in Cumming, GA, be sure to visit G2 Automotive. Our team of professional Land Rover mechanics can solve any issue with your SUV, whether it's common or not, as well as complete routine factory services. To learn more about our European auto repair shop, or to schedule dealer alternative Land Rover maintenance in Cumming, give us a call at (678) 771-6434 or stop by today.

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Posted: January 20, 2021

Written and Published By MORBiZ

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