3 Common MINI Cooper Problems to Watch Out For

Common MINI Problems To Watch Out ForThe MINI is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world, but its uniqueness doesn't make it flawless. Whether you're the current owner of one of these fun and sporty little cars or are considering picking one up soon, be sure to consider these 3 common MINI problems, which are in addition to this list that our MINI mechanics published a couple months ago. If you have any questions or concerns about your car, be sure to stop by G2 Automotive or give us a call at our MINI repair shop in Cumming. We'd be happy to offer additional information and insight into any MINI Cooper problems.

Failing Variable Valve Timing System

The variable valve timing system, or VVT, uses an electronic signal to alter the timing of valve lifting inside the engine. This process can improve power, decrease emissions and increase fuel efficiency, if it works right. The MINI VVT system is known for suffering from poor oil lubrication. Without enough oil in the system your car could suffer from a rough idle, a drop in MPGs or the illumination of the check engine light. In a worse case scenario, the timing chain could be affected by the poor lubrication, resulting in premature wear and the possibility of it breaking. The best way to combat this issue is by making sure you stay on top of MINI oil changes.

Thermostat Housing Leaks

The thermostat housing protects the thermostat from the harsh operating conditions around the motor. The thermostat itself helps to regulate the engine operating temperature. The housing is also responsible for preventing coolant leaks. Unfortunately, engineering flaws in early MINI Cooper thermostat housings resulted in them receiving a relatively fatal design. The weak thermostat housing has become known to rupture, often under 50,000 miles, causing coolant leaks. In many cases you'll spot coolant puddling under your vehicle or smell its sweet odor if a leak has sprung. Not addressing this issue immediately will result in overheating, which can lead to more serious MINI engine problems.

Vulnerable Front Radiator Supports

MINIs ride a bit lower than many other vehicles, which can make them prone to minor front impacts with curbs or other items that most cars don't have to worry about. Aside from minor dings that may occur, a low speed impact on the nose of your MINI could damage the plastic radiator supports at the front of the car. This can allow the radiator to bounce around while driving, resulting in numerous other problems down the road. Make sure to check under the front of any used MINI you plan on purchasing to see if damage is present.

G2 Automotive provides professional MINI Cooper repair in Cumming, GA, for all new and late model MINIs. Our expert MINI mechanics have years of experience solving complex and common issues that these cars may develop. If you'd like to schedule MINI service in Cumming, GA, please don't hesitate to call us at (678) 771-6434. We look forward to providing you with professional MINI repair.

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Posted: September 23, 2020

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