What is a Tune Up?

What is a Tune Up?Routine maintenance is a critical component of keeping a vehicle running its very best. While the mileage points that many maintenance services need to be performed are listed in your owner's manual, other services may be completed on an as needed basis. Paying attention to how your vehicle is performing can help determine if a tune up is necessary.

The term "tune up" is derived from mechanics actually tuning carburetors on early automobiles to ensure they continued to operate as designed. This saying has carried over to modern vehicles, and is generally used to describe minor auto maintenance that still, in effect, keep the vehicles operating as the factory intended. Tune up services tend to be quick and affordable, especially compared to the repairs that may be needed if they're not completed.

While many people don't tend to schedule tune up maintenance, it'd be wise to have a tune up completed on an annual basis. Other times you may want to get in for a tune up is if you notice a decrease in fuel economy, experience hard starting or if your car suffers from a rough idle or a general dip in performance. Based on the current condition of certain parts, a technician will inspect and replace items as necessary in order to restore your vehicle's drivability.

Common Tune Up Services

There are numerous services that a technician may complete on an as needed basis during a tune up, such as the following.

  • Replace Air Filter - A dirty air filter can prevent the proper amount of air from getting into the engine to mix with the gas. If not replaced, your car could waste excessive fuel, which can cause damage to additional parts.
  • Replace Fuel Filter - If the fuel filter is clogged your vehicle's engine will run very rough due to the lack of gas and the contaminants that may end up inside the engine.
  • New Spark Plugs - Worn spark plugs can cause misfiring, which can prevent the engine from running right, while also wasting gas.
  • Replace Oxygen Sensor - If the oxygen sensor, located in the exhaust manifold, is dirty or otherwise malfunctions, inaccurate levels of oxygen will be detected, resulting in the wrong air and fuel mix in the engine.
  • Replace PCV Valve - The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve is designed to reroute crankcase gases back into the engine to be burnt. If the valve becomes clogged it can cause a rough idle and poor mileage, as well as oil leaks.

A tune up is a fast and affordable way to keep your car running strong and efficiently. If you'd like to schedule a tune up in Cumming, GA, for your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or other German vehicle, head to G2 Automotive. When your vehicle leaves our modern facility it will be running like new. Give us a call at (678) 771-6434 anytime you need to schedule German auto maintenance in Cumming, GA, or the surrounding area.

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