What is routine auto maintenance and why is it necessary?

If your car seems to be running fine why should you take it in for factory service like the owner's manual suggests? Well if you don't there is a good chance that it won't be running well for long. Routine auto maintenance is a critical part of every vehicle's roadlife, so while it may seem strange to pay for services to be done to a car that runs great as is, these maintenances are necessary to prevent breakdowns and other damage. If you put off maintenance you will find yourself heading to the auto shop for repairs that are more intricate and much more expensive than the scheduled maintenance that could have prevented the need for them. It is important to follow your car's service calendar precisely to ensure you never miss an appointment for services such as the following.

General Auto Maintenance

Many vehicles require service check-ups every 30,000 miles, often referred to as 30/60/90K maintenance. During these services your car may undergo safety checks, diagnostics, receive new spark plugs and spark plug wires, filter replacements and much more. Technicians may also inspect key parts, such as brakes and suspension, to identify possible issues and make a decision to service them based on the vehicle's needs.

Oil change

The most common type of maintenance required by any vehicle is the oil change. Most cars and trucks need one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but check your owner's manual to see if your vehicle differs. Fresh oil helps keep the engine properly lubricated and a new oil filter ensures any contaminants are removed from inside the motor. Neglecting your car of oil changes can result in massive engine damage.

Fluid services

All vehicles utilize a number of specialized fluids for their various systems. At certain mileage points these fluids need to be drained and refilled, called a fluid flush, to ensure they are free of harmful contaminants. Common fluid services include the cooling system flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush and differential flush.

Transmission service

Transmission service is crucial for vehicles that have either automatic and manual transmissions. General transmission service may include draining the old transmission fluid, removing and cleaning the transmission pan, cleaning the transmission fluid filter, or replacing it, if applicable, and reassembling with a new pan gasket. To finish off a technician will add new transmission fluid.

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